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Note: The function DesktopFolder is deprecated in Xojo. You can replace it with SpecialFolder.desktop.

Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in /kunden/macsw.de/webseiten/monkeybreadsoftware-video/rbformat/rbcode.php on line 244
Class App
Inherits Application
// Constants
Const kFileQuitShortcut = Ctrl+Q
Const kFileQuit = E&xit
Const kEditClear = &Delete

// Event implementations
Sub Open()
dim track as DRTrackMBS
dim bsp as MyBurnSetupPanel
dim bpp as MyBurnProgressPanel


if track<>nil then
bsp=new MyBurnSetupPanel

bsp.setCanSelectAppendableMedia true
bsp.setCanSelectTestBurn true

if bsp.runSetupPanel=bsp.NSOKButton then
bpp=new MyBurnProgressPanel

bpp.beginProgressPanelForBurn bsp.burnObject, track
// cancel
end if
end if

End Sub

// Methods
Function CreateTrack() As DRTrackMBS
dim f as FolderItem
dim fo as DRFolderMBS
dim virtualFolder as DRFolderMBS
dim virtualFile as DRFileMBS
dim MacFile, WinFile as DRFileMBS

if f<>Nil and f.Exists then
if fo<>Nil then

virtualFolder=DRFolderMBS.virtualFolderWithName("A test folder")

virtualFile=DRFileMBS.virtualFileWithName("Test File","Content of test file.")
virtualFolder.addChild virtualFile

MacFile=DRFileMBS.virtualFileWithName("Test File","Content of test file.")
virtualFolder.addChild MacFile

winFile=DRFileMBS.virtualFileWithName("Test File","Content of test file.")
virtualFolder.addChild winFile


fo.addChild virtualFolder

Return DRTrackMBS.trackForRootFolder(fo)
end if
end if

End Function
End Class

Class Window1
Inherits Window
// Controls
End ControlInstance
End Class

Class MyBurnSetupPanel
Inherits DRBurnSetupPanelMBS
// Event implementations
Sub DeviceSelectionChanged(device as DRDeviceMBS)
window1.ListBox1.AddRow "device: "+device.displayName
End Sub
End Class

Class MyBurnProgressPanel
Inherits DRBurnProgressPanelMBS
// Event implementations
Function burnProgressPanelBurnDidFinish(burn as DRBurnMBS) As boolean
window1.ListBox1.AddRow "CD finished."
End Function
Sub burnProgressPanelWillBegin()
window1.ListBox1.AddRow "Panel is visible"
End Sub
Sub burnProgressPanelDidFinish()
window1.ListBox1.AddRow "panel closed"
End Sub
End Class

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