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Barcodes in FileMaker

Stefanie shows how to use Barcodes in FileMaker.

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BarcodesInFileMakerEN.m4v (234M)


We are very excited that we can support the Claris Engage Worldwide 2020 in the Claris Academy in the German speaking section with our presentation „Barcodes in FileMaker“. In this lecture Stefanie takes you into the world of barcodes. It will be shown how you can read barcodes on your mobile phone with FM Go and how you can read and create barcodes in combination with the MBS FileMaker Plugin for Mac, Windows, the server and even the iOS SDK. There are over 90 different barcode types available to generate barcodes. Of course, we also present the new possibility how to create barcodes with the Add-On in FileMaker 19 and what you have to pay attention to. For our non-German speaking community, we will soon make the presentation available in English on our website.

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